Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Art of the Process

This week I started my internship at Princeton Sports. The reason I love this job is because, for the first time throughout this internship, not only am I learning from them, but they are learning from me. The people at Princeton Sports saw an opportunity in me to learn about Organization. I’m going to give you all a lesson in something I like to call “The Process.”

Lesson #11, Have a process

Every single thing you do, whether you think about it or not, has a process. When you get out of bed in the morning, you have a process. When you do your work, you have a process. When you make food, you have a process. When you consider yourself to be unorganized, it is most likely because you are lacking in a process. Whether it is not being able to put things where they belong because nothing has a place, or not being able to keep track of your schedule, it is all due to a lack in process.

The biggest problem is when people have a process, but they just can't follow it.  When you don’t have the time, things get thrown around and misplaced and the process doesn’t happen. At Princeton Sports, this seemed to be a slight problem in their hold room. Holdings go here, damages go here, snowboards and skis go here. The problem was that they have a hard time following the process and it becomes unorganized. 

So on behalf of Princeton Sports, I would like to offer you all some suggestions on how to keep yourself organized. Make a habit of giving everything a place...and putting them there! The more you can keep the counter clean, the more likely it is that it will stay that way. Sometimes messes just pile up, and the bigger they get, the more we let them go and are not likely to fix them. Also, figure out what works for you. In high school everyone gets an agenda book and NO ONE uses it, but also EVERYONE looses track of their homework. Try to find a process for remembering that works for you. For me in middle school it was writing things on my arm and my hands. This isn’t healthy, so I figured out that I can keep track of my assignments with sticky notes instead. Also, whenever my dad asks me to empty the dishwasher in an hour, I tell him to WRITE IT DOWN or else I will never remember. This is another great tip. I’m very partial to sticky notes, but paste them on the television and your kids will never forget to do their chores... they might just choose to ignore them.